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Data collected and processed by Conesys Europe is subject to our data protection policy.


Data collected and processed by Google reCaptcha is subject to Google’s data protection policy.

All processed and collected data is stored for a fixed period corresponding to the purpose of use of the latter. Your information is kept as long as you are active on our website, but also during the additional period to meet our various legal obligations. At the end of these deadlines, your personal data is completely anonymous. You have the right of rectification and/or deletion that you may exercise by contacting us.

Data processed by third parties (delivery, payment, captcha controls, etc.) is subject to the policies of the companies in question (below).

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The site is designed to be particularly attentive to its customers’ needs. For this, we use cookies, which are intended to inform us of your visit to our website. The purpose of this section is to explain how we use computer cookies, the benefits this gives you and, if you wish, the method to disable these cookies.

Un cookie est un fichier informatique au format texte qui s’enregistre sur votre disque dur lorsque vous consultez un site Internet tel que Conesys Europe. Les cookies que nous utilisons nous permettent de conserver des données vous concernant afin de personnaliser et de faciliter votre navigation lors de vos prochaines visites (par exemple : pages visitées, date et heure et mot de passe). Un cookie ne nous permet pas de vous identifier, il enregistre uniquement votre adresse IP (numéro d’identification de votre ordinateur).

Cookies are stored on your computer for a period of time depending on their function.

There are two types of cookies: cookies issued by Conesys Europe and cookies issued by our partners' applications.

Cookies issued by Conesys Europe:

When you first connect to the Conesys Europe website, cookies are placed on your hard drive. These cookies are used to:

  • store your actions on the website

The purpose of these cookies is to improve and simplify your browsing experience as much as possible.





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Ce cookie est déposé par Conesys Europe.
Il permet de conserver votre choix concernant l'utilisation des cookies sur notre site.

Cookies issued by our partners’ applications:

To optimize the site’s services and provide purchasing support, we may use your browsing data through cookies managed by our partners. Like the cookies used by Conesys Europe, this data is totally anonymous.

These applications makes it possible for us to be more responsive to respond directly to your needs.

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La collecte des informations récoltées par ces cookies nous permet de :
• mesurer l’audience du site
• obtenir des statistiques relatives à la fréquentation du site
• évaluer l’intérêt que vous portez aux contenus et à nos différentes rubriques

→ Be careful if you share the use of your computer with other people.

In this case, it is impossible for us to ensure that the services and advertisements intended for your computer correspond to your use and not to that of a third party.

How can I disable cookies?

Cookies are enabled by default when you visit a website. You have the right to refuse these cookies.

Several options are available:

  • delete or disable the storage of cookies on your browser at any time.

  • limit the deposit of cookies only to websites you have previously indicated.

  • modify your browser setting to require confirmation from you for each cookie deposited on your computer.

Before telling you how to disable cookies, it is important to remind you that:

Without cookies, it is impossible to add a product to your shopping basket and therefore place and order on Conesys Europe's website.

Depending on the browser you are using, the procedure for refusing cookies is different. You will find below the procedure to follow by browser:

For Internet Explorer:

  1. Click on the button Tools , then on Internet Options.

  2. Click on the tab Privacy , then under Settings,

  3. Drag your curser up to block all cookies or down to allow all cookies,

  4. To finish, click OK.

For Safari:

  1. Click here Safari

  2. Select Preferences then Privacy

  3. Click on Details

  4. 4. Select one or several websites that stock cookies then click on Delete or Delete all.

  5. After deleting these websites, click on Finish.

For Chrome:

  1. Click on the menu Google Chrome in the browser tool bar.

  2. 2. Select Settings.

  3. Click Show Advanced Settings.

  4. In the “Privacy” section, click on Content Settings.

  5. 5. In the “Cookies” section, you can change the following settings:

    • Delete cookies

    • Block cookies by default

    • Authorize cookies by default

    • Keep cookies and site data by default until I quit my browser

    • Make exceptions for cookies from certain websites or domains

For Firefox:

  1. At the top of the Firefox window, click the menu Tools, and select Options.

  2. Select the Privacypanel.

  3. Set history : to use custom settings for history.

  4. Uncheck the Accept cookies to disable cookies

  5. Click on OK to close the “Options” window.

For Opera:

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Then select Advanced

  3. Then select Cookies

  4. Several options are available :

    • Accept cookies

    • All cookies are accepted (by default)

    • Accept cookies only from the site I visit

    • Third party cookies from a domain outside the one I visit, are refused

    • Never accept cookies

    • All cookies are refused