Our certifications

Conesys Europe is certified according to normative management standards and conforms to the MIL and EN circular electrical connector standards.

EN9100 certification

The EN9100 standard describes the quality management system to be adopted for the Aeronautical, Space and Defense sectors.

  • Conesys Europe is commited to supplying safe and reliable products and services that meet its customers’ requirements as well as the legal and regulatory requirements.
  • EN 9100 certification is essential for aeronautical companies who require their suppliers to be certified.
  • Having EN 9100 certification makes it possible to be listed in the OASIS (IAQG) international database which lists all suppliers in the aeronautical sector of the whole world.
  • Being certified per EN 9100 is a guarantee of quality in the space and aeronautical sector.

ISO9001 certification

The ISO 9001 standard may be implemented by any type of entity and deals with all types of services and activities.

  • The ISO 9001 standard is based on many principles of quality management, and especially, customer focus, staff involvement and continuous improvement.
  • The ISO 9001 standard provides the guidelines and the tools needed to ensure that the products and services offered by companies are always in accordance with the customer's request, and that quality continues to improve.
  • Conesys Europe is committed, through its ISO 9001 certification, to ensure its customers’ satisfaction by providing them with quality products.

Product Certifications

Several product ranges marketed by Conesys Europe are certified by official bodies (ASD-CERT for EN connectors and DLA for MIL connectors).

  • Conesys Europe is also a designer-manufacturer of certified connectors (EN 2997 classes Y and YE and MIL-DTL-38999 series III classes Y and N)
  • MIL product standards and EN product standards define, among other things, the technical standards in regards to interface, size, material, and performance.
  • Performance standards specify, in particular, the mechanical, thermal, and pressure resistance to guarantee in corrosive and dusty environments, while ensuring the continuous transmission of the electrical signal.